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To cope with being captured, she mentally replays a past episode when she threw a milk carton filled with gasoline onto another man inside a car and tossed an ignited match onto him.After finishing the job on the Wennerström affair (described in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Lisbeth Salander disappeared from Sweden and traveled throughout Europe.The roman numerals used could have various meanings that is only known by the bearer.For example, you could have a tattoo that shows the day you were born, the day you got married and so on.

Few women today can escape a life on the streets unmarked She said of being branded and the subsequent cover-up with a different design: 'It ties you to those memories and it ties you to those feelings that you felt when you got that and to be able to be free of enslavement and then to make an active choice of, "This is what I want on my body, not this man's name or this gang's symbol, I want my daughter's name, I want a beautiful flower, I want a religious scripture, I want a butterfly to show that I have wings, and I can fly."'For the next five years she suffered innumerable attacks and rapes, and was branded several times.Surprising, one would think that roman numeral tattoos started as prestigious thing as it is today.However, this kind of tattooing started in the Roman Empire and was used as a form of punishment.There is some tangible evidence of the latter, though it is not at all definitive, plentiful, nor particularly descriptive evidence. w=418" class=" wp-image-5165 " alt="Penmerneb with an image of Amun(-Ra) as a ram's head on a plinth and bears the inscription: "Servant on the site of truth." Dynasty XIX (14th -12th century BCE), New Kingdom Period.Penmerneb with an image of Amun(-Ra) as a ram’s head on a plinth which bears in its inscription: “Servant on the Site of Truth.” Dynasty XIX (14th -12th century BCE), New Kingdom Period. w=232" data-large-file=" Museo Egiziano, Torino, Italy." src=" w=251&h=324" width="251" height="324" srcset=" w=251&h=324 251w, w=116&h=150 116w, w=232&h=300 232w," sizes="(max-width: 251px) 100vw, 251px" / scepter.

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'Property of Salem' was inked above her groin, 'King Munch' - the name of the gang - was tattooed on her neck - while other men left their names on her arms and back.

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