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Exhibit F: Gosling talking about La La Land in a behind-the-scenes featurette, 2016 The most open-and-shut support for Gosling’s talent comes in the form of a brief promo that offers some background on the making of , with comments from the stars that illuminate how they prepared for the musical.

In Gosling’s case, that apparently meant spending two hours a day practicing piano, six days a week.

This is the kind of love, the rarest and specialest kind, that involves two shining beacons of their professions.

Nothing so boring, so drably , and Foer, an author most famous for helping to invent modern twee-ness, are stinkin’ up Brooklyn with their love fumes, having met through mutual friends. Or, wait, they’re a sense of superiority and a hat.

But only now is the film's director Nick Cassavetes revealing one of the biggest secrets from behind the scenes: stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams, who had intense chemistry on-screen, actually hated each other during the shoot.

Ryan Gosling is the complete package: decorated actor, meme source material, funny-face-maker, and canvas upon which we may project our dreamiest fantasies.

But the publicity-leery Gosling has forged a careful career path, built on unusual role choices and avoidance of overexposure.

Here are eight seminal moments that made Gosling the (reluctant) movie star he is today: .

Watching Gosling flex his triple-threat muscles, it’s easy to wonder how much of his bravura performance is the genuine article and how much is movie magic.Ambitious actors have always pushed the boundaries of their skill set in pursuit of a more truthful or impressive performance; it wasn’t too long ago that Natalie Portman wowed audiences by undergoing ballet training for Black Swan, and then landed in hot water when it came out that a “dance double” had stepped in for some scenes.In dogged pursuit of the truth, Vulture has mounted a through investigation of Ryan Gosling’s showbiz bona fides to find out.Deana Sumanac-Johnson is a national CBC News reporter for the arts unit.She appears regularly on The National and CBC News radio programs, specializing in stories on music and literature/publishing.

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La même année, le New York Times parle de lui comme l'un des nouveaux talents en vue du cinéma américain En 2005, il partage l'affiche de Stay avec Naomi Watts et Ewan Mc Gregor pour le thriller fantastique de Marc Forster.

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