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Iraqi dating sites

In the medieval era, Iraq was the name of an Arab province that made up the southern half of the modern-day country.

In today's Republic of Iraq, where Islam is the state religion and claims the beliefs of 95 percent of the population, the majority of Iraqis identify with Arab culture.

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The official languages of Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish.

Once you’ve created a free profile, you can start receiving mail from interested singles and send free Flirts to people that interest you. You can participate in Iraqi chat with like-minded Arab singles who live up the street from you, in another state, or on another continent. Create your free profile today and browse, click, and connect with Iraqi singles now!The second-largest cultural group is the Kurds, who are in the highlands and mountain valleys of the north in a politically autonomous settlement.The Kurds occupy the provinces of As Sulaymaniyah, Dahuk and Irbil, the area of which is commonly referred to as Kurdistan. Iraq, in the Middle East, is 168,754 square miles (437,073 square kilometers), which is comparable to twice the size of Idaho. Modern Iraq covers almost the same area as ancient Mesopotamia, which centered on the land between the Tigres and the Euphrates Rivers.Mesopotamia, also referred to as the Fertile Crescent, was an important center of early civilization and saw the rise and fall of many cultures and settlements.

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