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However…if you want to keep things as they are, feel free to keep e-mailing me asking me if I know of a good copywriter (if you are a marketer); and feel free to keep e-mailing asking me if I know of “good clients/marketers” who pay hefty royalties (if you are copywriter).“What talented copywriter/creative talent is out there who might have a keen interest in taking a deep dive into my world and my company…possibly leading to an exclusive (or almost exclusive) relationship?”“I am obsessed with ____________ and when I write about ____________ I do my best work.But there are two profiles, only two on the entire dating site that have held my attention for any length of time as they’re miles better than mine and certainly funnier.I’d LOVE to meet either of the girls who own them, yet for some reason, I’ve contacted neither of them. I’m going to contact them today and if they ignore or reject me, there are three mistakes I’m going to try desperately NOT to make. Take it personally If you’re doing the online thing, there’s no time to be hanging around with people you’re not interested in, better to just tell them and be grateful if someone does the same for you, don’t you think?Taking Kevin’s observation and Dan’s rule of thumb together, it is becoming clearer that writing for just one killer client and immersing yourself in everything about that business may be the fastest (and surest) path to the million dollar payday.In addition, some of the smartest marketers on the planet today emphasize “research over writing” with their copywriters…and having them in-house, full time, focused on “The One Thing” (great book by the way!) is leading to much better results than looking for the next hot writer for a project.Direct mail created many million dollar copywriters like Gary Bencivenga and Jim Rutz; but since there are very few writers like Bencivenga and Rutz floating around, and huge volume direct mail is a thing of the past, even this direct mail believer knows, in the words of one of my clients: It’s more specialized than ever…and any writer who does not dominate a niche (despite stating they can “write for anything”) is a writer who I would steer clear of in today’s super-competitive environment.“If I don’t change something, I’m gonna stay stuck in this copywriter gig, making k/promo, working my ass off, sweating blood and spending MONTHS working on each promo…then left wondering how long my control will last until they hire somebody to beat me.“In the old world of direct mail where major tests against a new control could take 6 months to create, if you wrote a blockbuster for a huge mailer, you were almost guaranteed big royalties because the calendar was on your side; that’s just not the case anymore.

Are there people that are absolutely screaming for a solution? Can you look at an industry that you have experience in (or it’s a personal problem you are having) and you think to yourself: Can you say: “You know what?Awesome, you think as you message her back: You: [Answer a random question about music first then:] “I’m barely ever on this site, text me on xxxxxxx if you want to chat :)” *BING* As if by magic, you’re i Phone goes off, there’s a text from a random number.Her: “Hey [your name] its [her name] from Plenty of Fish, send me another picture.” You: [Replying with picture] “Here you go.” Her: “OK, you’re just not my type, too skinny, not buff enough. Bye.” You: “Ha, fair enough, at least you’re honest.” This is the point where you’re meant to feel like you’ve been suddenly stabbed with a little sharp knife (or maybe a rusty screwdriver) right in the chest because you’re not good enough, you’re not attractive, you’re weird and you SUCK! You can think of online dating like a farmers market or a charity date auction.The idea that a copywriter is a “gun for hire” and available to all clients is being replaced in some places by copywriters who are much more focused on only a few clients (maybe even just one) and moving from “hired gun” to “keeper of all the ammunition and weapons.”As someone who has spent millions of dollars for copywriting–something I wear like a badge of honor–I think I have a unique perspective on the trends I see…and how we can all take full advantage of the incredible writing talent in our marketing community today.Dan Kennedy has also spoken about this for years–the notion that “writing copy for food” is ultimately a losing proposition financially; and I will add that becoming a consultant/copywriter is how you can leverage your talent best, create the most impact AND make the most money.

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