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[DNA Evidence: Neanderthals Had Sex with Humans] Disease-fighting genes To learn more about what effects such mingling might have had on our evolution, researchers focused on so-called HLA genes, which help our immune systems defend our bodies, and have been found in one Denisovan and three Neanderthal specimens.

Now, the scientists have discovered variants of these genes that apparently originated in Denisovans and Neanderthals made their way into modern Eurasian and South Pacific populations.

Originally, the researchers were investigating HLA genes for the role they play in whether or not the body rejects tissue transplants.

Information for your stay at the conference and in Frankfurt/Oder and Słubice can be found here.

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Neanderthals and other extinct humans might have endowed some of us with the robust immune systems we enjoy today, scientists now find.

These genetic gifts might have helped our species as we expanded out of Africa, investigators added.

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